Pay Out Members

A pay out is a way to distribute funds from the squad back to the Squad members’ wallets. This is how members of the Squad can collect profit from investments in the squad, and potentially be fully paid out if they choose to leave. Pay outs, like funding rounds are “equity changing” actions and are likely to affect equity within the squad.
Please note that every member will be paid their full equity share. In order to refund a member, the Squad would need to get liquidity first, either through selling assets (NFTs) or depositing more money via a funding round.

How to pay out a member

  1. 1.
    From the Squad dashboard, go to the “Proposals” tab
  2. 2.
    Press the “Add proposal” button
  3. 3.
    Press the “Pay out member” button
  4. 4.
    Select which member you would like to pay out. Currently, Prysm only supports 100% pay out of members
  5. 5.
    Review how member equity and squad assets will be affected by this proposal
  6. 6.
    Get multi-signature approval on the proposal from other Signing Members and sign a Prysm one-time key
  7. 7.
    Once approved, press “Pay out members”