What is Prysm Squads?

A Squad on Prysm is a group of people who pool their money and invest in NFTs together.
A Squad pooling their money to buy NFTs
Prysm is the web3 platform for group ownership. Our mission is to create a more abundant world by redistributing wealth, capital and power. Squads is the first product that is bringing Prysm's vision to life.
Using Squads you can open a multi-signature wallet, pool money, collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and invest together with your friends directly from the app. The platform facilitates Venture Capital-like funding rounds, supports voting infrastructure and makes ownership tracking and member management easy.
All by yourself and looking to join a Squad? Join our Discord to meet like-minded people that are looking to squad up 🤝
You can view a demo of our product below. This demo is from early June 2022—we pride ourselves in shipping incredibly fast, so the product that you see has likely improved already!
Prysm Squads June 2022 Demo