Making decisions and on-chain transactions as a group
All Squad decisions from Fundraising, NFT Transactions, Arbitrary Transaction, Role Management, Distributions & Exits are all done through Proposals. A proposal is an on-chain action that any Squad member can suggest, which the Signing Members then have to approve before execution.

Proposals FAQs

How do I add a proposal?

To propose an NFT for your Squad to purchase, simply go to your Squad’s homepage and click on “Add Proposal.” In this section, you can find all possible proposals that are currently live on Squads.

How do I delete a proposal?

In order to delete a NFT proposal, simply open the proposal page of the active proposal for the NFT and click on the three dots next to “Share Proposal”. Hit delete, sign a one-time key, and your proposal will successfully be deleted.

If I have multiple proposals in the queue, how will they be executed?

Proposals are executed in increasing nonce order, so in order to execute a later proposal, you would need to clear the existing ones first. This is why you may need to click "Focus on proposal" to bring a proposal to the top of the queue.