How Much Does it Cost?

How does Prysm make money?
Using Prysm is free! We currently take no fees for using the platform or providing Access NFTs to start and operate Squads.
At the moment, we are solely focussed on building the best possible product for our users. As part of this, we want to maximize the usage of our platform to learn at the highest possible velocity. This means that we are currently not charging any fees on our platform. Also, all of our Access NFT mints are free of charge, and we don't take any royalties on secondary sales.
The only costs you will incur while using Prysm Squads are gas fees for on-chain transactions.
While Prysm is free today, we're looking into monetization opportunities in the future. We will roll out or monetization model transparently and give all of our users enough time in advance to prepare. Stay tuned via our Twitter and Discord.