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This section describes what you can do in the individual tabs of the Squad Dashboard
A list of all tabs in a Squad dashboard


This tab is the "homepage" of your Squad. You can view current tasks, such as open Proposals or Funding Rounds, that are in focus and need your attention. You also can view the current valuation of your wallet balance and your NFT portfolio.
We denominate all values in the Squad's base currency, which is most commonly ETH. If you buy NFTs on non-base currency chains, e.g. SOL, we denominate those values in ETH to display summations in one currency.
There are a few metrics that are displayed in your Portfolio tab:

Squad net worth

Your Squad’s net worth is the sum of your NFT portfolio value and your wallet balance value, denominated in ETH. This updates in real-time. You may see return numbers (in %), which are calculated by dividing Squad's net worth by the sum of the cost of all NFTs purchases and the wallet balance value.

NFT portfolio value (floor)

Your NFT portfolio is likely undervalued. You're likely to be able to sell your NFTs for higher prices than displayed.
The NFT portfolio value is the sum of the floor value of all NFTs in your portfolio, denominated in ETH. Floor price is generally not representative of the value of the NFT, but given the widely-known complexity in valuing illiquid NFT collections, we chose this as an approximation that updates in real-time.
NFTs that are marked as spam are excluded from all valuations.

Cost of NFTs

The cost metric displayed is calculated by adding the sum of the purchase prices of all NFTs, denominated in ETH. You may see return numbers (in %), calculated by dividing the current NFT floor value by the cost of all NFTs.

Wallet balance value

The squad wallet balance lists all non-spam ERC-20s that your Squad owns. In order to calculate the total value of the wallet balance, we convert all non-base-currency tokens to the value of the base currency, which is most commonly ETH.


This tab lists all Proposals in your Squad.
Proposals that are currently in progress are located at top, followed by all non-active proposals below.
Click "Add proposal" to see an overview of all Proposals you can add.


This tab is your hub to manage all members and get information on each member. You can view the entire member list, their equity stakes in the Squad, their roles and more. You can add and remove Members as well as modify their roles easily from this tab.


This tabs lists out all transactions that have happened in the Squad. All web3, on-chain transactions are located here.
You can reconcile any unknown or unassigned transactions using the Deposit Inbox within the Transactions tab.

Funding Rounds

This tab lists out all Funding Rounds, and breaks them down by status. You can view the historical valuations and member equity distributions that have occurred during each funding event.


This tab lists out all orders such as bids and marketplace listings, of the Squad. Examples of these are outstanding orders to sell and NFT, or outstanding bids to buy an NFT.