Connect to External dApps

Quickly and safely connect to other dApps and create proposals.


Your Prysm vault is also a wallet that can connect to other Ethereum dApps using WallectConnect. Once connected, initiate any transaction on that dApp to turn it into a Proposal that you can execute together.


When you connect to another dApp Prysm uses a state of the art transaction simulator and analyzer from our partners at Stelo Labs to ensure that the transaction is legitimate and safe.
Unlike other simulators, Stelo also analyzes millions of different data points and shows all of the details to your squads in an easy to understand way.

Community Dashboards and Access

Prysm supports thousands of applications with WalletConnect! Just look for the blue WalletConnect logo on any dApp and connect.
Some dApps like Safe and ApeCoin staking have their own unique community dashboards on Prysm. If you want to request a community dashboard contact us.

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