What is Prysm Squads?

A Squad on Prysm is a group of people who pool their money and invest in NFTs together.
A Squad pooling their money to buy NFTs
Prysm is the co-ownership platform that helps communities & squads purchase, own, and use NFTs together. Our Squads product is a co-ownership framework and application built on Gnosis Safe.
​Gnosis Safe is a battle-tested smart contract wallet and vault that has stored over 50 billion dollars in assets.
With Prysm, you can launch a Safe and pool funds from members to group buy NFTs or fund other on-chain missions.
Our full-lifecycle co-ownership framework allows you to raise funds flexibly and issue equity to your members. As more people want to join your mission you can easily manage memberships and your cap table over time.
You can quickly initiate NFT transactions across any NFT marketplace on the Prysm interface. Your Vault is also a Wallet that can connect web3 dApps to initiate any web3 transactions as a team.
Have questions already? Our Discord is where you can reach out to the team to answer questions, handle support and discuss best practices with community members 🤝
You can view a Video Overview of Prysm here: